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It’s a glass half full or glass half empty kind of situation(same as above comic strip).In last 2 weeks gbp/nzd is correcting from 1.98 to 1.90 zone.Buy signal from stochastic: Stochastic have to be below 50 or 20 and show sign of strength while price slows down on central and lower band of Bollinger 1.Sell: When Bollinger 1 is below the central band of Bollinger 2 and price is bellow central band of Bollinger 1.

This makes it very difficult for the winners who could not complete their previous turnovers.So when price retrace to 1.93, a trader may think, wow the pair is at 3% discount and will try to buy only to find price go even lower.So it is important to see that pair is in strong corrective mode after more than 10% rise in last 2 months.The major bullet points is going to be quotes "the greatest tax reform in our nation's history", quoting US President Trump saying this and the address and what was a very negative news tone for the day.Taking a look at the sentiment indicator SMA, we do see freakishly high levels of positive sentiment coming from social media and texts.

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Behavioral economics in essence is a method of analysis that applies psychological aspect of human behavior on economic decision-making.

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