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By helping your teen foster relationships with real people and closely monitoring their internet usage, you can help lower the risk that your child will be reeled in by a catfisher.

I met his parents, slept in his apartment, met his friends, then he randomly disappeared. I was 15 and I went into a Britney Spears chat room. I said I was 18 (as was he) and my name was Mandi (yes, with an "i").

"Catfish" is a slang term for people who create fake social networking profiles, and "catfishing" is the process of befriending strangers online while using a fake or stolen identity.

A variety of people can be classified as "catfish," and while not all of them have malicious intent, some of them do.

She did the whole flirting thing for a while, and then disappeared for a month plus, nothing, just gone.

" He was convinced that he wasn't being catfished because they would talk on the phone and she would send him several photos a day. He told me he tried to meet up with her so many times, but last minute she would always bail.

One excuse she had was that her boss was really sick and she was going to take him flowers.

Things unraveled from there and I finally told him the truth. A week later, he was dating someone else in the chat room.

Submitted by De Anna Hall (Facebook) I got this message one day from a boy who I went to school with, and he was like, "There's a chick down here on Tinder and Instagram that is using your photos and a few of my footy mates said they've been tuning her." I tried to search her but I was blocked and so were my two best friends and my family so I had to get a person from work to look her up.

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We make plans to meet up, and then when they arrive to meet up, I repo their cars. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯Submitted by keeper801 About two years ago, one of my girlfriends retweeted someone on Twitter and I fell in LOVE! I called up my friend and asked her who he was and she said his name was Ken and that he was a really good friend of hers and that they hung out before.

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