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Of all the accidents and incidents, only the Chernobyl and Fukushima accidents resulted in radiation doses to the public greater than those resulting from the exposure to natural sources.The Fukushima accident resulted in some radiation exposure of workers at the plant, but not such as to threaten their health, unlike Chernobyl.However, with nuclear power, safety depends on much the same factors as in any comparable industry: intelligent planning, proper design with conservative margins and back-up systems, high-quality components and a well-developed safety culture in operations.

Incidents and accidents may happen, and as in other industries, what is learned will lead to a progressive improvement in safety.

The lessons from nearly one hundred years’ experience mean that reputable airlines are extremely safe.

In the chemical industry and oil-gas industry, major accidents also lead to improved safety.

There is wide public acceptance that the risks associated with these industries are an acceptable trade-off for our dependence on their products and services.

With nuclear power, the high energy density makes the potential hazard obvious, and this has always been factored into the design of nuclear power plants.

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