Formula cells not updating

The only way to "jumpstart" the formula is to either manually enter the formula cell or to use Application. Neither of these methods are viable solutions if you want a reliable way to do reporting with I suspect that the formula is failling to update because PROC EXPORT and the libname engine do not actually invoke Excel, they modify the files directly, and they fail to set a "in-need-of-recalculation" flag in the affected cells.I later found that globally replacing = with = also fixed the problem.This was a very hard fault to find and i have seen it before. Calculate Full Rebuild function in vba did not fix.There needs to be a better way of preventing this error. I am using Excel 2011 14.7.6 (170621) until you make 2016 fully usable on the Mac.Suppose I have a formula referencing a cell in a named range (the formula is NOT in the named range); If I update this range with either PROC EXPORT or the Libname engine, the formula will not have been updated upon opening the workbook.But in this table, we added a new column called “Est” to the end, which holds the following formula: =[@Price]*[@Quantity] So far so good, but what happens when we add a new line to our Animals table and refresh it? The fix is remarkably simple, once you know what to do: Now, at this point, nothing appears to change.In fact, even refreshing the table seems to make no difference.

You type a formula in a cell, then you press ENTER. To fix this error and get back the values (or results) just press CTRL ` again.If you’re new to Power Query, chances are you’re more comfortable doing tricky mathematics using Excel formulas, rather that Power Query formulas.No shame there, but you’ve probably run into a situation where you set up the formulas, refresh your query and the Excel formulas don’t update in Power Query 's output table.You may have accidentally typed a single quote ‘ before the = sign in the formula. When you type single quote ‘ in a cell excel treats the cell contents as text and does not evaluate any formulas within. The very first time I pressed CTRL ` by accident, it nearly freaked me out.

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Naturally, that means that Excel won’t auto-fill the formula, as it doesn’t know which is correct (the formulas or the blank cell.) We need to fix that before this will work for us. And if your behavior is different, I’d love to know.

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