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Sono persona dinamica ma contemporiamente un po timida. The most famous name in the history of painting, b. He was the artistic factotum of Duke Frederick, one of the most intellectual princes and most enlightened art-lovers of his age.

Therefore, Vasari's story of Raphael's education by Perugino is not to be believed, being pure fable.

Nor was the social and worldly life less advanced; at this Court was written the "Cortegiano" of Baldassare Castiglione , the complete handbook of the man of the world, according to the ideal of the Renaissance.

The relations which Raphael formed in these early surroundings (especially about 1506), the serene and pure moral atmosphere which he breathed and which is characteristic of his genius, followed him throughout his life. The orphan, placed under the guardianship of his maternal uncle, entered the studio of a charming painter, Timoteo Viti, a pupil of Francia, who had just returned to take up his residence in the country.

The four years he spent there were a new and decisive stage in his career.

At that date Florence was the most intense and active centre of the Renaissance (and the period was pregnant with artistic development).

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