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You turn on the TV to watch some Fresh Prince while you pop some Turns to try to counteract the acid overload you just got from eating in the Garden Room, and your phone rings.So like every other time, you pick up the phone expecting to hear the voice of one of your friends explain in detail how she drunkenly locked herself in the bath- room last night. Student I am so and so from Discover..." or "Hi I am calling from Rolling Stone would you like to complete a quick poll for us..." Then after politely No one likes to receive a phone call during dinner from a person mutilating your name and selling bulk dog food...The Board of Trustees chose Diquinzio and Norling from a list of five potential facul- ty members elected by the faculty.Continued on page 5 THE MUHLENBERG WEEKLY OP/ED THL i EPTEMBER 5, 2002 TH E M U H LEN BERG WEEKLY David M.

Both Long's and Taylor's settlements are subject to confidentiality clauses, although it was unclear at press time whether Taylor had actually signed the agreement.T h i year's Advisors were select- ed through a competitive application and interview- ing process.The 89 selected Advisors began their training last spring.For some, the transition flows easily, and they become acquainted with the situa- tion with relative ease. Whether it is seen on the stage or on the field, there are hun- dreds of examples of students that were the cream of the crop in their high school and are now just another face in the crowd.Star quarterbacks from all over meet each other face to face.

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trying to say no about eight times you hang up and wonder where they got your phone number.

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