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(Perhaps Zuckerberg was onto something with Facematch, the proto-Facebook that allowed Harvard students to check out potential hookups living in neighboring houses.) It helps that, in order to message someone on Tinder, you both have to “choose” each other, so you’re not inundated with missives from the creepiest users.(Pew also found that 42 percent of female online daters and 17 percent of male ones have experienced “uncomfortable or bothersome contact” on Internet dating sites.) Tinder also lowers the barrier between checking someone out online and actually meeting him or her in real life; it's only showing you geographically optimal options, and its interface prioritizes short, flirty texts, not romantic dissertations, which can help preserve excitement and temper unreasonable expectations.That’s just not how human relationships work—not on the Internet and not off.That’s particularly true for the 54 percent of online daters who have encountered a match they felt “seriously misrepresented themselves in their profile.” We all know that the Internet can be a powerful tool for connecting people, so why do these sites still carry some stigma?Tinder requires users to login through Facebook, which unfortunately only increases Mark Zuckerberg's creeping command over all online spaces.But it fortunately means that the dudes and ladies you’re meeting through the app are representing themselves roughly similarly to how they’re doing so on more public forms of social media.

While online dating has increased in popularity across the board, of the 2,000 American adults surveyed, 15 percent reported using online dating altogether (an 11 percent increase from 2013) and it was young adults as well as people in their late 50s/early 60s whose usage has increased the most.The brevity of the Tinder exchange also means that using the app is easier to integrate into our daily lives than the drawn-out profile curation typical of a place like Match.Still, Tinder feels like a stopgap solution wedged between the online dating ghettos and the full integration of the Internet into our romantic lives.While some of the matching questions on places like Ok Cupid can tell you important things about a potential partner—does this person think abortion should be legal or believe that gay marriage should not?—they can’t predict whether users will actually have chemistry with each other, which is maybe not the most important aspect of a lasting connection but is certainly a requirement to get things started.

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