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She also implores CBS, which screens Corden's late-night talk show, to donate to the East Los Angeles Women's Center Other Tweeters have further condemned Corden for his jokes.One wrote: 'What utter disrespect you show to all those women. 'Sarah Sahim added: 'The patriarchy is Ruth Jones singlehandedly making Gavin and Stacey iconic while James Corden later became a Hollywood star.'The backlash against Corden came after English actress Lysette Anthony accused Weinstein of raping her in the hallway of her London home in the late 1980s.I am truly sorry for anyone offended, that was never my intention'He was condemned perhaps most forcibly by Rose Mc Gowan, who deemed him a 'MOTHERF****** PIGLET' on Twitter. '1) James Corden is a close friend of [Harvey Weinstein's]...2) Hearing the audience’s vile roars & laughs show EXACTLY what kind of HOLLYWOOD you really are...3) @CBS DONATE TO @ELAWC OR YOU TOO SUPPORT RAPE CULTURE.'CBS broadcasts The Late Late Show with James Corden, his late-night talk show.James Corden has apologized for jokes he made that appeared to make light of victim's of Harvey Weinstein's decades-long harassment.He wrote in two Tweets: 'To be clear, sexual assault is no laughing matter.Witnesses said the woman appeared 'visibly distressed' during the conversation.

He was also seen pressing a wad of money into the hand of a watching photographer, unaware that a second snapper had captured the whole event.One accuser, Zoë Brock, wrote on Medium: 'Harvey left the room, but not for long.He re-emerged naked a couple of minutes later and asked if I would give him a massage.Corden's jokes could have been referencing a number of alleged incidents.Women ranging from A-list actresses to relative unknowns have made allegations, for example, that Weinstein would ask them for massages.

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