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So far, however, this wooden rod has not yet been retrieved by Dr.

Oddly, the entrances were again forgotten or covered up, perhaps by rumble from the casing blocks brought down by the violent earthquake that hit the Cairo region in the 13th century AD.The Arab tunnel as well as the two original entrances were rediscovered by Belzoni in 1818, who cleared only the upper original entrance in order to enter the pyramid.Later, in 1837, Howard-Vyse cleared the lower original entrance.In spite of the findings of Gayer and Jones, the British Museum still assumes that the iron plate was probably a piece broken off a spade or shovel used by Arabs in medieval times. Naturally many of us began to suspect that this item might have been the very same cigar box which contained the ancient relics found in the shafts of the Queen's Chamber of the Great Pyramid. I decided at that stage of the search to publish a full page article in the British newspaper, The Independent [13], in the hope thatsomeone might remember the whereabouts of the Dixon Relics. Ian Shore, who had registered the relics back in 1972 at the British Museum, read the article and remembered them being donated by Mrs. Unfortunately the small piece of 'cedar-like' wood was missing, and thus no Carbon 14 dating was possible.In September 1872 a British engineer, Waynman Dixon, working in Egypt was requested by Piazzi Smyth, the Astronomer Royal of Scotland, to undertake for him some casual exploration inside the Great Pyramid [7]. The relics are now displayed at the British Museum's Egyptian section.

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For example, it is reported by Abu Szalt, a medieval Arab chronicler from Spain, that when the Caliph Ma'amoun entered the Great Pyramid for the first time in the 9th century and made his way to sarcophagus in the King's Chamber, 'the lid was forced opened, but nothing was discovered excepting some bones completely decayed by time.'[2].

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