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Two young mothers in Florida were found passed out in a parked SUV after apparently overdosing on worth of heroin.First responders found the women's infant children, one just 2 months old, in the back seat.

If you see 15, 19 or 21 number threes, you have arrived at the same conclusion as the majority of social networkers... But many online posts give the answer to be 21, with people seeming convinced that there are a further two threes in the image.

The differing opinions come down to the interpretation of the question.

Many users have included the bar signal and the wifi signal, both of which show three bars.

But whether 19 or 21 is the correct answer is a matter of opinion How many threes can you see?

Apart from the eight threes in the phone number, there are two threes on the key pad as the number eight button has been replaced.

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