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E-mail addresses entered on this page do not show the @ sign, they are replaced with brackets [ ]. Have attempted over many years and through many websites to find anyone who either served with, or knew my late father, or families of those comrades who knew my father, who may have memories, photos etc to share, even though many of his comrades have probably past on through the passage of time. He then transferred to the RAOC and was posted 5 BOD from 1951 -1952. Des Davies from Sheffield and Dan Archer from York.

This should help to prevent your address being picked up by those programs which search the Internet for addresses to send spam to. On his return to the UK on November 20th of 1946, his aircraft went down near Suez soon after take-off and all 6 x crewmen were killed in the accident and laid to rest in Armed Forces Cemetery in Cairo . Following this he transferred to 10 BOD at Geneifa. His family were also out there; my father Kenneth, aunt Marjorie and Grandmother Phoebe. A few other names from the section are George Chalmers from North East, Eric Clothier, ? Some Corporals names, Clinton, Coulthard and Wiggins. I am contacting you on behalf of my father Barry Williams and his friend Lowrie.served at RAF Kasafareet in 1953 to 1956. I have the contact names, addresses and telephone numbers of people who served at the BMH Fayid 1950 -1956.

After documentation they would be posted to their coy's and then report to the QM Stores for their tropical kit where they would have met Norman Brody a fellow member of this website.

I carried out duties as Parts I & II Orders clerk for all ranks including officers and I have a great memory for names and a few faces.

My name is Tony Jarlett and I now live in Cambridgeshire, Nr Peterborough. At Famagusta we decided against staying at Golden Sands camp and instead lodged with an Armenian family who made us very welcome. It would be great to hear from any of those soldiers.1/ There are a few Suez Veterans in France, as I have found out from French News (a monthly English language newspaper published here in France – 30,000 circulation).( It would be interesting perhaps, in 2006, the magic 50 years after the final departure from Suez – but before the 6 day affair,) perhaps to have a reunion – lunch or dinner or even a weekend in France. France is a large country, BUT they have an efficient public transport system and food and wine is considerably less expensive (and better! The logical place would be Paris – all rail, road, and air links lead to it – but there is also Lyon – Air France hub, direct fast trains – even from UK – and Burgundy is the gastronomic capital of France. (Buzz) May – aged 19 - who was killed in August 1955 on the Treaty Road outside Royal Air Force, Abyad. ex REME 3rd inf wk/sp Shandur 51/53 We were for most of the time dock clearing from Port Said to almost every where in the Canal Zone delivering the goods from the docks.

If anyone remembers me or Alf Pappworth from the same company, please e-mail me at the above e-mail address. My father William Foster passed away last Saturday 06/02/2010 aged 81 years and I was looking through his photo album (the same one that on your home page) Would it be possible to post his details just encase anyone knew him, it would be great to hear of anyone who did. I enjoyed looking at the photos, brought back some memories. Hi Charlie, just to let you know that Bert Fairclough and I are in firm contact at last and we are talking up a storm with photos and phone calls, but we have a lot of catching up to do yet. I remember one friend John Tritton who celebrated his 21st Birthday on the same day as my 8th Birthday in Kabrit. Does anybody remember the mechanised laundry on Kasfareet? We were stationed together at 10 Base Ordnance Geneifa from 1953 to 1955, we ran the 10 BOD bookshop in 1954. The 2nd Battalion was made up of a few Irish regulars and loads of cockney pratts like myself, but....a great bunch of blokes, the sense of humour was brilliant. If there is anybody who could put my intelligence on the right lines again, brilliant. Sunday morning when she caught fire we were rescued by a Belgium cargo ship.

I was well known - being a fitness fanatic - doing cross country running competing against other R. Keep up the good work, there are not to many of us left now. Gerry, my Dad, is 80 on 6th of October 2009 and we are having a celebration for him in Liverpool and would be delighted if anyone who served with him, could get in touch so I could officially invite them to come and join in the celebrations. Thanks to you and your website for making it all possible. I’d love to have any information that anyone may have in 1953 about my father as he died in South Africa in the 1980s after having left my family when I was 14 years old. He passed away in 1992 and I was wondering if anyone who uses this website remembers him, or has any photos of him. I was a Regimental cook in Paddy Flarghtie's Cookhouse, then moved to the Sargeant's Mess. It would be great to hear from any of the above, or any members of the section football and cricket teams, or any one else who may remember me. He lived in the London area, I have been trying to find him for about three years and have searched through many phone directories without any luck. I had about eight weeks to before finishing my tour of duty, about six of us were sent on medical support team. If there is anybody out there who would care to drop me a line as per the email, brillianter and brillianter. I have already emailed four of those listed on this page to see if I actually knew them and am keeping fingers crossed for any response. They shipped us to Algiers to the Foreign Legion barracks, then we transferred to the destroyer HMS 'St Kitts' which took us to Gib, then flew on to Blackbush airport. This was a great time in my life and I have some fantastic memories with a great bunch of guys.

He was then sent out to Egypt in April 1948 and was sent back in November 1949. I hope the small amount of information I have been able to provide may enable dad to make contact with National Service colleagues that he has lost touch with. Eventually I was joined by others and we provided a complete concert party which led to invites to other units in the Brigade inc. He was a driver at RAF Fayid and drove a fire tender, bus, and chauffered a dentist and a doctor to and from Ismailia. (Daughter.) Safety Equipment Section, RAF Deversoir. Sharett after mid-air collision near Deversoir in January 1951 (the first or second 'chute I packed after 8 weeks on-the-job training). It is his 80th birthday in November and I thought it would be nice if I could find anyone who knew him. I was born in Sheffield, Yorks and now reside in Canada. I still see Eric Evans as we have been friends for over 55 years, we met at RAF West Kirby when doing our Basic Training. After time in the Zone I went to Eastleigh (Nairobi ) and Episcopi (Cyprus. If you were at any of these places, please get in touch with me.23 September 2009 Dear Charlie. I shall shortly have some interesting photographs on the photo section of this website which I hope will get me some contact. I have now managed to come into contact with Alan Russell due to your help with the e mail address that you sent me, so thank you very much.

He once went on a rescue mission to a crashed airplane. I would be very pleased to hear any news about his pals, I love listening to his stories and want to create a scrapbook for him. I know this isn't much to go on, but I dont want him to know what I am up to. We had a death on the camp, I didn't know the chaps name (or what, if anything, might have caused it. We have been in contact with Jack Isles and Keith Scattergood and would like to contact others. I am contacting you on behalf of my father Barry Williams and his friend Lowrie.served at RAF Kasafareet in 1953 to 1956. Still in contact with two others by snail mail and telephone. It does appear that he was in the Ordnance Directorate at GHQ MELF 17, but was in a different department at the same time, although we never met we both knew several of the same people and I am looking forward to exchanging a few memories of our time there.

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Converting to Spitfires in October 1941, the squadron joined other Polish squadrons at RAF Northolt in April 1942, and then on September 5th 1942, was transferred to RAF Woodvale in Northern England, where they stayed until 13th February 1943.

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